5 Sure Shot Methods to Fix Broken App Shortcut

We often face this kind of problems, may be either after installing an app or after updating an app. Sometimes after transferring an app to SD card may cause the same. A grey icon or a missing icon with Android icon informs the users that the shortcut link is broken. This has become a common problem nowadays and many users are reporting this issue from around the world. Here, we will discuss on this issue and how to fix this without much efforts.

Android app shurtcut fxing

How to fix broken app shortcuts

Broken app is an irritating issue and many of us have been jostling with this for long time. It kills our time and forces us to reinstall the app and sign up from the scratch! In Android Lollipop this problem is seen widely among the users.

First Method- Re-add the shortcut

This is the very basic way to get rid of the issue though it does not work all time. It’s nothing but to add the all shortcut again on the home page. It work sometimes and if it works then you are done!

How to re-add the app shortcut on home screen?

Long and hold the icon on the home screen and an option for removing the icon from home screen will appear on the top. Remove the icon.

Now that you have removed that, it’s time to re-add it on home screen. Then go to the app drawer and tap on the app and hold, and drag that to the home screen.

Second Method- Reboot your phone

This is another simple way to get rid of this problem. You need to reboot your phone to fix this issue. What you need to do is simple- just hold down the power key and a new window will be prompted up showing an option for “Reboot”. Once you tap the reboot option, wait for completing the process and once it gets opened again try to add the icon again on the home screen and see if the app is working it or not.

Third Method- Clear cache

It’s another option to clear this issue. Many users reported this method works perfectly. Clearing cache solves many issues apart from this problem. You need to know about Cache before clearing. Caches are temporary data saved into the phone’s browser and OS. For clearing it, go to the “settings” and head your taps to the “Storage” option and tap on the “Clear Cache”. That’s all.

Fourth Method- Use Recovery Menu

It’s another option to slide to recover the issues created by the broken links. Hold the power and volume down button together for 10-15 seconds and the phone will get switched off and will restart again. Let the device come back to the normal mode.

Fifth and Final Method- Factory reset

If you have been experiencing the issue very frequently then it’s time to get a factory reset of your device. Just go to the “settings” and select “factory reset”, it may take up to 30 minutes, keep patience.

Once the phone restarted, you are done almost! Reinstall the app and you have clinched the issue. BRAVO…..

Share if you have some ways which are simpler than the above mentioned methods.