How to Change App Icon In Android

There are a lot of app icons we use to hate. Some apps have been developed so nicely, but the icons steal away all the attraction in a minute.

Every time we open the apps, we think what was in the mind of that developer while creating the icon! Sometimes we use app drawers to hide ugly icons. But we can change these icons in a better way with a proper finish!

Using this process, you can replace the icons with all new icons of your choice without compromising any feature of the apps.

Creating an interface which we like personally, in a line simply a customized interface with all the personally customized icon is not only a tough job but also an impossible kind of job for sure.

Don’t try launcher, try awesome icon app instead

Forget installing new theme; get a whole new icon instead. Don’t compromise with the looks of our phone screen. Bypass all the launcher, get this awesome app and set an awesome icon for all the apps you want.

This new app actually creates a new shortcut for all the apps selected to be changed. It creates the app shortcut on the home screen, and it does not change the other things.

Don’t think that installing the app will force you to change all the icons of the other apps too. This app provides huge customization, and you simply can change the icon of the app you want. Using this app, you can change the icons easily, and that also is a matter of a touch.

How to change the icons easily with a single tap

This is very simple, and even a novice can do that. Once you have installed the app, you will be shown the list of the apps, and you need to select the app which you want to change. Once the app is selected, the shortcut screen will be flashed in front of you, and you can see different icons available for replacing the current icon of the app.

Select the most awesome icon for you and change the label as you need. It’s ready to go on your home icon. This is a very good tool to hide the apps especially if you are using any adult or dating app on your mobile. You can hide some sensitive apps like banking apps also.

Note: For you information let me tell you one thing- you can’t change the icons of the preloaded apps like Google Play, Gmail and HTC sense, etc. Though there are some ways to get these apps under the same cover but those ways are really time to consume and need special attention and care while doing so.

That’s all my buddies. Don’t forget to keep us informing if any issue is raised in between of the process. If you have got any other easier process to change the icons of the apps of your Android phone, let us be informed and we will update that too.

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